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Our history

PuntoVita & Arsenice tells the story of a leather goods manufacturers and crafters of leather accessories, bags and belts for over 40 years that contains all of the love for tradition, high quality and evolved know-how which keeps growing.

”We celebrate the past, present and future Italian craftmanship and we look to tradition to reach innovation, without renouncing to personality, characteristic and creativity!”

Our services

We particularly care to accessories strictly in made in leather, manufactured by tradition and innovation creating the right mix of style and uniqueness.

Elegant, casual, classic, small, big… you can find what you like most if you choose a leather bag from the PuntoVita & Arsenice collection, suitable for every moment in your life.

What is a belt? Technically it is a string of flexible material labored to fit a person.
To PuntoVita & Arsenice is not just that: it is personality, tradition and uniqueness.

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