Our Bags

A woman can’t live without a bag: that is the reason why PuntoVita & Arsenice particularly care to that kind of products since our first year of activity.

Elegant, casual, classic, small, big… you can find what you like most if you choose a leather bag from our collection, suitable for every moment in your life.
Strictly made in leather, manufactured by tradition and innovation creating the right mix of style and uniqueness, the PuntoVita & Arsenice bags are really made with love.
Suitable for every occasion, leather bags must be beautiful but also handy, wear-resistant, flexible and functional. A real treasure, for women and men too.

PuntoVita & Arsenice care for tradition and innovation.
As for Accessories and Belts, the PuntoVita & Arsenice bags are handcrafted with love, by caring for every details and represent an example of unique style of a leather product.